a macalaus game

A poetic game about space-travel and the search for home

Little White Rocket is a minimalistic one touch game.

Exclusively written poems by award-winning poet Laurence O'Dwyer, with narration by Donal Gallagher of Asylum Productions theatre company.

A one-day enjoyment game*.

No in-app purchase.

Crafted in the lowlands of Holland in the tradition of Swedish melancholy.

* A one-day enjoyment game is designed to be played and completed in the little spaces and dreams that fall into each day. Enjoy the stillness and quiet of Little White Rocket's adventures and reach the end before you sleep.

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A Swede abroad

Macalaus is Magnus ”Malte” Olsson, a Swedish indie game developer living in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. Macalaus means incredible in Jämtska, a dialect in the northern Sweden. For the last 15 years he's been involved in developing games for different platforms for a national and international market. The current game project, Little White Rocket, is a collaboration with his friend, the Irish poet Laurence O'Dwyer. Narration by Donal Gallagher of Asylum Productions theatre company

Illustration by fantastic Leon Bolwerk

©Macalaus 2019